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(Microwave & Fridge) Hot or Cold Pack - shoulder   Effects   - Pain and stress relief  from arthritis, rheumatism and tight muscles around shoulder.   Features   - Made of non-toxic ingredient - The heat pack will get heated up by Microwave and retain the heat.   How to use   For Hot - Gently fold up the shoulder pack and place it in the microwave for just one minute first and see if it is hot enough. If it is not hot enough, try another minute rather than 2~3 minutes at once to avoid a possible burn or burst from the excessive microwave power settings as everyone has different power setting on their microwave. - Take it out and use it.   For Cold - Gently fold up the shoulder pack and keep it in the fridge or freezer (Do not try to bend it while it is frozen, also, it provides a better massage while the wrist pack is soft and cold rather than hard.   Cautions   - Keep out of reach of children. - Do not put excessive pressure on it. - Do not swallow the content inside the pack.

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