For Self-Heating Packs


How to activate

  1. Click (do not bend it) the metal button inside the heat pack to activate it. The heat pack has to be in a liquid form (clear state) to start it.
  2. Once the heat pack is activated, gently massage it everywhere to soften it up, that way it will get hotter, softer and the heat lasts longer too.
  3. Use it.


How to reuse

  1. Place a cloth or towel in a pan or pot.
  2. Place the used heat pack on top of the cloth.
  3. Put enough water to completely submerge the heat pack under the water. Try to start with hot water from the tap as it will boil the water quicker.
  4. Boil the heat pack until it goes completely clear. Normally, it takes around 15 minutes after the water starts boiling, however, it may have to be boiled a little bit longer in case of any white particles still floating inside the heat pack, otherwise, it will go back to the crystallized state by itself later on.
  5. Take it out of the boiling water once it is all clear of the white particles.
  6. Let it cool down.



  1. Do not bend the metal button. Just press the centre of the convex side of the button.
  2. The heat pack can be hotter than what you think, so be careful when you use it.
  3. It contains non-toxic ingredients, however, do not swallow it.
  4. Do not place a heavy or sharp object on top of the heat pack or it can get damaged.
  5. Do not press the button and try to activate it while the heat pack is warm or hot.
  6. Use a cloth or towel if using a thin bottomed pot or pan when boiling the heat pack or it can be burned and result in a leak.



  1. Once the heat pack is boiled and ready, it can be used without activating it as it should already be hot from the boiling process, however, use a towel to avoid the possible burn on the skin.
  2. Once the heat pack is activated, the heat lasts for around an hour depending on the ambient temperature, however, try to massage it while using it as it will slow down the hardening process and keep the heat a little while longer.


For Microwave-heated packs


For the first time use try to heat it up in the microwave for 1 minute first and check how hot the heat pack gets. If it is not hot enough, try to heat it up for extra 30 seconds or 1 minute. The whole point of this process is to find out the minimum time it will take to get it hot enough ( normally 50~60 degree C ) and that way, you won’t overheat it until it burnt or bursts since all household microwaves have different power wattages. Also, try not to bend or fold it up too much when put it in the microwave if possible because the folded spot is usually more vulnerable to a burst or a leak. 


For Foot Massagers 


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Foot Massager Instruction

Foot Massagers Instruction