Terms and Conditions


All products are non-refundable, however, all faulty products will be replaced with new ones free of charge as long as the following conditions are met.


  • At the point of date of replacement request by email, the product is within the one year warranty currency from the purchase date.
  • The user has fully followed the instructions
  • There is no apparent damage to the product.
  • The customer has returned the product to our company within one month time of replacement request made and also at his or her expense
  • The customer provided the correct postal address so that the replacement delivery will be made successfully at the first attempt. If this was not the case, the postage and handling for the second delivery attempt will be charged to the customer


Additionally, the warranty period on the replacement will only be the remaining portion of the product being replaced.


All our products may or may not have safety hazards when the instructions are not followed properly, therefore, it is important to use them correctly according to the product instructions to avoid unwanted effects in customers and users’ health and safety.


All our customers and users of our products are strongly recommended to read ‘terms and conditions’ before purchasing or using any of our products and instructions provided on our website to make the most out of our products and ensure the safety while using them.